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PaperlessMe Goes Public

PaperlessMe has come out of beta after a round of glowing reviews from testers in the spring. The conference and classroom note-taking web app allows for users to draw annotations and type notes during a presentation on their own digital copy of the presenter's slides. Now the interface has been honed even further by grouping the drawing, typing, and whiteboard areas to make note-taking and review even more natural and enjoyable.

To learn more about PaperlessMe, visit its website at

  • HomeSolo and ChildCheck News Release

    Parents of young children and caregivers for older adults could check in and monitor their safety by using two new smartphone applications developed and commercialized by two Greater Lafayette companies.

    D&B Apps LLC of Lafayette is selling ChildCheck and HomeSolo at the Apple iTunes Store. ChildCheck costs 99 cents, and HomeSolo costs $4.99. Both were developed by Purdue Research Park-based IN3.

  • IN3 Open House

    IN3 officially opened it door on August 1, 2012 at the Purdue Technology Center, 3000 Kent Avenue, West Lafayette, Indiana. To celebrate this start-up IN3 hosted an open house on Friday, September 21, 2012.

    IN3(pronounced IN-cubed) develops and markets mobile applications and educational tools for academic and commercial customers.

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IN3 Applications

IN3 is a digital products company located at the Purdue Research Park in West Lafayette, Indiana. IN3 is a start-up company with its origins in 3iD a Purdue Research IT development group. We have been involved with developing innovative IT applications for the last 20 years.

Applications developed range from web and client/server applications, desktop, handheld, wireless and portable devices. Our team is competent in many different programming languages and technologies running on different operating platforms and web servers. In the past 3 years we have also worked on various iOS/Android software projects, ranging from personal use to enterprise-based applications which has become a major focus of our software team.

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  • Customizable Digital Sample Submission - iPhone App

    This app has a generic base for digital sample submission that can be customized for a variety of sample situations for use in different states, different labs, and multiple labs within each state.

    This app will allow digital image sample submission of a wide range of diagnostic sample types. It includes the ability to collect user and client information, sample information, and digital images captured on the device (iPhone or iPad).

    The selected laboratory’s contact information, logo and a welcome screen will appear on launch after the initial setup. Sample fees will not be collected within the app but will be invoiced, if desired, via the diagnostic labs normal invoicing procedure.

    The app will consist of multiple input screens, a camera/image interface, a database that contains lab information and email sample submission routine.

    An agriculture example of sample submission include the user capturing images of diseased plants and sending them to the lab for analysis.

  • eService for Specs and Documentation Conversion

    eService will be an extension of a current service for converting specifications and other agency documents (e.g. a construction manual) from traditional Word documents to formats suitable for mobile devices (e.g. smart phones, tablets, and eReaders).

    This service automates the process of creating mobile versions of the documents. The document is first converted to XML, from this, we create all the versions:

    • XML - This is a base format that is the foundation for all of of the other formats and potential future formats.
    • Mobile App – This is a device specific app that allows the content to be stored on the phone and accessed offline.
    • HTML Pages - A collection of web pages are created to display the documentation online. The web pages will be responsive pages, which means that they will adapt for the screen size. The pages will be just as easy to view on mobile devices as it is to view on a desktop browser.
    • eReader – converts XML files into popular eReader formats, including the open standard ePUB format.

    Live DOT Demo.

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  • PaperlessMe

    PaperlessMe is an HTML5 web app that allows teachers and conference presenters who use PowerPoint presentations to turn their slides into digital “handouts.” Students access the lectures on their laptop computers, iPads and Android tablets, where they can add their own notes and save the files as PDF documents.

    How does paperlessMe work?

    Teachers and conference presenters load their PowerPoint presentations into paperlessMe and enter the day and time of the class or conference session. A unique URL is created for the presentation, which students and conference attendees log onto in class or afterward.

    Why should I use paperlessMe?

    It saves time and money, and aids in learning. Digital handouts mean no paper, eliminating copying time and saving resources. Students save class lectures on their electronic devices, where they are more easily accessed and used.


    • Class calendar, available in weekday or monthly views
    • A conference agenda where presentations are accessible.
    • Thumbnail screen for viewing all slides
    • Pen, highlighter and eraser tools, for adding, deleting, and/or highlighting personal notes
    • Personal note taking within slides and a separate “whiteboard” pop-up note screen that remains visible on all slides
    • Lectures and presentations can be saved as a pdf file to a local device.

    IN3 will license the product through a Purdue University group, 3iD.

  • Delaware Seat Belt App

    The Delaware Seat Belt app is an iPad application that aids observational surveys and leads to faster faster completion times and higher data accuracy.

    What It Does:

    The Delaware Seat Belt app allows survey takers to enter information about drivers, vehicles, road and weather conditions and other factors into data fields, through touch screen commands.

    How It Works:

    Once survey takers finish collecting information, data is transferred in Excel format to a central location for processing.

    Product Features:

    • Default settings for surveys that track specific types of drivers, vehicles or other areas.
    • GPS locator
    • Intersection and observation maps
    • Customizable state and local surveys
    • Electronic data transfer


    For pricing information contact IN3 at 765-404-7034 or

  • Indiana LTAP Mobile Website

    To facilitate website access via mobile devices, Indiana LTAP has also released a mobile version of their website, specially designed for smaller screens.

    This site still retains all the features and capabilities of the traditional site, including a complete listing of the upcoming LTAP events, the searchable library, and reports and publications for download.

    Simply enter the LTAP site address into the internet browser of your device (, and the mobile version of the site will automatically open.

  • Indiana LTAP Directory App

    New for 2013, Indiana LTAP is releasing app versions of the Directory of Indiana State, County, City, and Town Officials Responsible for Road and Street Work

    App features include:

    • Search Capability
    • Contacts organized into multiple categories for easy navigation
    • Functional contact information
      • Tap on phone number to begin dialing
      • Tap on email to compose new message
      • Tap on address to locate via Google Maps

    The app is available for download at both the iPhone App Store and the Google Play Store (Android Apps).

  • Survey Sure

    Survey Sure is an iPad application that makes observational surveys easier and faster to conduct, with greater data accuracy. Some uses for the app include on-the-street seat belt and child safety seat compliance surveys.

    What It Does:

    Survey Sure allows survey takers to enter information about drivers, vehicles, road and weather conditions and other factors into data fields, through touch screen commands.

    How It Works:

    Once survey takers finish collecting information, data is transferred in Excel format to a central location for processing.

    Product Features:

    • Default settings for surveys that track specific types of drivers, vehicles or other areas.
    • GPS locator
    • Intersection and observation maps
    • Customizable state and local surveys
    • Electronic data transfer


    For pricing information contact IN3 at 765-404-7034 or

  • TOPS Online Course

    IN3 is developing an on-line course for the Indiana Criminal Justice Institute on Traffic Occupant Protection Strategies (TOPS) that will consist of the following features:

    • Four Sequential Learning Modules, each comprised of:
      • Voice Narrations
      • Multimedia Content
      • Presentation Slides
      • Quizes
    • Students will have the ability to stop and continue from where they left off.
    • Students must pass the quizzes in order to proceed to the next learning module.
    • Successful course completion requires listening to all narration, reviewing all slides and multimedia content, and passing all quizzes.
    • Course administration features include:
      • User Info
      • Course Results – Progress, Quiz Results, Module Duration, etc.
      • Ability to export data to MS Excel
    • There will be an option for the user to obtain a certificate of completion.
  • HomeSolo

    HomeSolo is an iPhone application that allows adults to check on parents or loved ones who live alone through messages sent at regular intervals to the single person's phone.

  • Child Check

    ChildCheck is an iPhone application that lets parents know their child made it safely home after school, to practice, to a friend's house or anywhere else.

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staff image

Dr. McCullouch has been involved in IT development for over 25 years. He started developing solutions for the Civil Engineering/Construction industry and has branched into other disciplines. In 1988 he joined Purdue University where he has taught and performed Research. In 2003 he developed and delivered the first paperless class at Purdue University. He leads the Purdue University group 3iD. In 2012 he started IN3, a digital product development group located in West Lafayette. With his wife Terri, they have 5 children together. In April 2013, he accomplished one of his life's goals, making a hole in one!

Dr. Bob McCullouch


Christopher Nuland

Christopher Nuland is a graduate of Purdue University in Computer Science and speicalizes in mobile applications (iOS,Android,etc). He has been developing apps for over 4 years now and excels in the area of software planning and design. He currently lives in Lafayette with his wife, Melissa, and they enjoy traveling and hiking. In his spare time Christopher also likes playing tennis and watching basketball.

Christopher Nuland

Mobile Software Engineering Manager

Brendan Strahm

Brendan Strahm is a graduate of the Computer Graphics Technology program at Purdue University. Brendan designs and implements interfaces for web and mobile apps, develops and maintains the web app pipeline, and handles any multimedia or 3D needs around the office. He is very happily married to Jenna Strahm, and they are new homeowners in Lafayette, IN. They still swing dance whenever they can.

Brendan Strahm

Web and Mobile Developer

Lydia Hlebasko

Lydia Hlebasko is the lead UI/UX designer. Her focus is in front end development. This includes working with and developing the graphics and user interface of applications.

Lydia Hlebasko

UI/UX Designer

Joshua Selbo

Currently a second-year undergraduate, Joshua is pursuing majors in Mathematics and Computer Science with an emphasis on Software Engineering. He focuses on designing and implementing software solutions and user interfaces. Joshua has extensive experience with Java development, as well as with iOS, Android, and Windows. Expanding his lingual abilties with a minor in Spanish, he also enjoys programming games, skateboarding, and playing ultimate frisbee.

Joshua Selbo

Student Software Developer

Bill MacAdam

Bill has been involved in software development for twenty-five years. He started his career at Price Waterhouse where he developed tax systems for Fortune 500 clients. Since then he has worked at four startup companies where he led product development teams in developing applications for mobile and desktop platforms. Bill has an MBA from the Krannert School at Purdue University and a Bachelors of Science degree in Electrical Engineering from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. Bill enjoys playing platform tennis in the winter and golf and tennis during the rest of the year. Bill and his wife Sara have two children and a very spoiled dog.

Bill MacAdam

Software Associate